Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Waiting on Daddy!

His Bus!!!

He's HOME!


Daytona Beach 2010
Grandbuddy, Rob, Steph, Amber, Jenna, Carson, Lindsey, Ben, Jeff, Deana, Ella, Ava, Jan
Eat, beach, pool, eat, beach, pool, putt-putt :)

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mom and Lindsey!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Matt's New Toy

Matt's New Toy.
Enough said.

4th of July

We went to the river with my best friend, Ashley and her family for the July 4th weekend. They have 2 boats and a camper. We absolutely had a blast the first night and went back for another night of fun. (The second night we didn't take Carson. One late night was all the little guy could handle)

Ok so the first day we rode on Ricky and Tina's boat. Everyone got out and floated around in the river for a while, except Carson and I because of the tubes in his ears.
Lindsey had her first experience on the tube...with a little moral support...and strength from Tanner. Bahaha!
Jenna "drove"the boat for a few minutes before going in for the night.
We had great food and wonderful fireworks.
My kids were troopers and stayed up late. Carson finally crashed in the camper and Jenna fell asleep outside in the chair.
We had so much fun that we came back out on Sunday for some more sun!

Sunday we stayed on Tanner's boat and all took turns on the tube. Ben with with us this time and was named "ninja" of the tube. He was a machine out there! (In these pics - Ben, me and Jenna and then me and Ashley)
Jenna loved Tanner's boat because it went fast and she would scream ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT the entire time we were riding.
It was great fun. We ended that night with more food, hanging out around the campfire and playing with sparklers.

We had a great weekend but we were so sad to see Ashley go back "home" to Kentucky. We're all ready for the next time we can get together and do it all over again...but with Matt this time!!

Big Canoe

We went to Big Canoe again this year for a few nights. Lindsey wasn't able to go because of summer school and of course Matt was still gone but we had fun anyway. Aunt Jerri came up for a few nights too!
The first night we were there we went to a Mexican restaurant. They had a mariachi band playing and Carson LOVED it. He danced the whole time and when they would stop he would nod his head at them for more. They came over to our table and played The Itsy Bitsy Spider for him.

Of course there was lots of time at the pool and at the lake.

And we got a boat again this year. We ordered pizza and took it out with us for dinner. And we took left over hot dog buns to feed the geese.

We had a great mini vacation! :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Corn is good. Corn is fine. Corn is so divine. We can go to Grandma's house....and eat some corn.